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Entrepreneurship Garage

Our genesis is from Basket Option, which has nurtured and facilitated the spirit of entrepreneurship over the last 18 years. Basket Option has 40+ entrepreneurs managing 18+ companies that are aimed at 10x growth.
Bangalore based company that promotes martial arts, boxing and gymnastics through overall fitness
Boutique investment banking division who cater to numerous investment banking group companies.
A Platform for people to unlock passions and connect individuals to mentors and directors in various domains.
A firm that promotes health through nutritious food products for a specific disease conditions & synergies with medication.
A studio company that offers all sorts of digital services, brand build activities to corporate companies.
A gamification venture offering unique way of practical learning to students through a board games & online mode.
A wealth management firm providing financial planning services to various companies in India and cross border.
An agreegator for the client, TPA and/or the insurance company, to help facilitate easy processing of the insurance claim.
A virtual platform on an individual’s cloud which acts like a knowledge collaboration platform (LMS)
Offers engineering programs that accelerates skill development and enrich educational experience.
Partners with educational Institutions to enhance student learning experience and build his/her career.
Joins hands with university's to become the extended academics team for a specific course of the Institution.
One stop junction for any one looking to sharpen their skills for personal and professional success.
A online portal bringing educational institutions, students & corporate under one banner to make student's career
A online academic portal for education institutions to serve their students with new age revolutionary programs.
Facilitates students’ growth by offering programs which provide industry-oriented skills & certifications.
A diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services to individuals.
An online consultant portal engaging doctors & patience under one room to cure individuals health.
E-learning platform for education institutions offering customised learning experience with the help of interactive content.
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