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Is your idea worth the salt? First step in the right direction is to test your idea’s worth.

Idea validation weekend facilitates you to seek the right substantiation. Test your ideas with us and we will help you course correct. If you are planning to bootstrap initially and go the VC route, then your idea needs validation. It is the key to success. This saves time & effort and minimizes the cost. Validation avoids building a product or working on a service that no one is willing to pay.

We coach aspiring & early-stage startups from below sectors that are worth creating disruption & impact in the ecosystem. All ideas get a mention. The chosen ones will have a unique opportunity to be mentored & coached by our partners in success, i.e. Sector Specialists, Mentors, VCs & Entrepreneurs at our facility.

What will it
Take to apply

A opening move & series of actions to start the journey of business.

STEP 1Fit to Fly

Founders are advised to fill the application in the given time period. There are usually several applicants who apply for the program, so we take into consideration how long it took them to complete their application.

STEP 2One on One

One on one will take place on the event date with sector specific evaluators. If you are selected, our team member will reach you to provide the necessary details. The applicant is advised to keep a regular check on emails.

STEP 3Video call

You will get a call from our team member to guide on the steps to follow from here. You are advised to stay active in the process for a quick results.


Encouraged applicants to validate their idea with us.

Ideas encouraged

For the first level evaluation to understand the mindset.

Ideas screened

From the top notch sector specific experts to choose the best.

Ideas Selected

For the ignite or accelerate program to disrupt in the market.

Frequently asked questions

If you are left me questions, you can share your details with us and we will get back to you soon.
Who can apply ?

If you are at the idea stage, research, POC, MVP or execution stage then, validation is the must. It provides a realistic picture of how the business can look like if you pursue with the idea. Else you will put your efforts & time to build a business that no one is willing to pay. In short, it saves time & effort and minimises the cost.

I have more than 1 idea, how this program will help?

While filling the validation form. We recommend the founders to submit one idea which connects to their skills & interests / is the priority.

This will help evaluators to assess you and idea better.

Why is it important for you to validate your idea?

We believe if you get clarity in your idea, your 60-70% work is completed. Remaining is to just build a model around it.

  1. It will also assess your idea and see whether the idea can survive in the market.
  2. If the idea is the right fit for you
  3.  If the idea can hit the eyes of investors

If you get to know all this at the initial stage, it will reduce your time & cost. Because its no use of working on idea for which customers are not ready to pay.

Why we do this event ?

We have seen the journey of entrepreneurs who had incubated with us since 2005. And from our learning’s we follow this now that “Life’s greatest lessons can usually be learnt from the worst mistakes of others”.

So this, event invites sector specific experts who have undergone the journey and seen those up’s & down’s. So its quick to learn from them and not repeat the same mistakes. This way we are trying to reduce the failing rate of startups in India. 

How much time do i get with evaluators ?

All the details will be shared to your email id. We request you to keep your eye on emails for regular updates.

What do we look for ?

Passion, Time & Patience

If you most likely do not have Passion to thrive, time to spend in learning & patience to see results then we recommend you to not apply with us. Because these are the only way to experience the success. 

What's next after this event ?

If you are selected: If you are selected you will be considered for your G-ignite program which helps you to “Go to market” i.e making you market ready.

If you are rejected: You will advised to take up our G-validate program which helps you to structure your idea.

Standby: We will assess the profile once again and possibly we will talk to you to understand more on your purpose, expectations, goals etc. and then take a final call.

There are usually several applicants who apply for the event, so we take into consideration how long it took them to complete their application.

Follow the steps to complete the application


Reach us if you have any query. We will be have to answer you.
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