Founder, Floap

Shruthi V Nithin
Co-founder, Drumit

Raju Choudhary
Co-founder, Drivy

Founder - Ercess Inc.

Vishal Jaiswal

Incubated Ventures

Our genesis is from Basket Option, which has nurtured and facilitated the spirit of entrepreneurship over the last 12 years. Basket Option has 40+ entrepreneurs managing 18+ companies that are aimed at 10x growth.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid is a Bangalore based company that promotes martial arts, boxing and gymnastics through overall fitness programs curated for individuals.

Money Bag Ventures

Money Bag Ventures is a boutique investment banking division who cater to numerous investment banking group companies.


NutriParadise is a venture that promotes health through food products for specific disease conditions and provides nutritious food products that synergise with medication and health problems of every individual.

Passion Connect

Platform Connect is a platform for people to unlock passions and connect individuals to mentors and directors that are experts in various domains.


Innate Sign is a studio company that offers all sorts of digital services to corporate companies.


ClaimsExpress is a company that caters to the insurance claim needs of every individual.

Stock Market Institute

Stock Market Institute provides real-time learning for individuals aspiring to learn the dynamics of financial markets as researchers, analysts, trading enthusiasts and long-term investors.

Envisage Global

Envisage Global is an Edu-travel company providing overseas experiential learning programs to students throughout the world.


RedLounge is a wealth management firm providing financial planning services to various companies.


Gseas is the idea of a virtual university on an individual’s cloud which acts like a knowledge collaboration platform (LMS)

New Age Technologies

New Age Technologies is an education company providing engineering programs that accelerates skill development in students.


Addzup facilitates students’ growth by offering programs which provide industry-oriented skills & certifications.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion is a company in the health sector providing second reliable opinions on various health problems of individuals.

Real World

Real World engages with the real estate industry and connects investors to the ideal properties for them.


Educesta is an innovative learning management system that plans and innovates education for students.

Edu Turks

Edu Turks is a firm that focuses on gamifying education through board games and innovative activities.


Government Membership

We assist startups to select the government network associations as per the startup background, need & sector.

Co-working space Support

Connecting startups to our partnered co-working space to kick start the startup.

Investor Connect

Guidance in the selection of individual investor & venture capitalist firms to explore investment opportunities.

Startup Incorporation Support

Assistance in startup incorporation, compliance, legal statutory & regulatory.

Global Community Network

Assistance in selecting the best from several global community networking forums as per need and sector of a startup.


Startups can connect with our industry coaches after the program completion as well.

Co-Founder Benefit

Startups can avail discounts on fees

5 star- Award

Chance to exhibit on Entrepreneurship Garage website if startups get 5 stars in final business pitching presentation of program
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