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For early stage startups (below 2 years)-
Looking for version 2.0 of your startup to scale 10x
We bring to you a time tested formula for scale.

Make your
Idea business ready

Looking for version 2.0 of your startup to scale 10x?  Thinking of writing your success story?  We heard you. 

Time plays an important role in growth and scale.  Our expert-developed program will help you find unique solutions to refine your business models. We provide a collaborative platform that comprises of VCs, entrepreneurs, and investors.  Assessment is the key to scale. 

G-accelerate structure is designed to provide you an engagement with the industry stake-holders with real-time feedback of mentors and investors.  Program helps you decipher what is working and what is not by leveraging on qualitative and quantitative data. This provides an impetus for rigorous growth thus contributing to increased revenue growth as well attract investments.

Below are the advantages of the program

Driven by Frameworks
Tracks your results
Interaction with experts
Timely course correction
Sector focused content
Pitching presentations
  • Growth metrics V 2.0
  • Critical support system
  • Customer acquisition V 2.0
  • Understanding Legal & IP
  • Financial Planning V 2.0
  • Branding & Marketing for V 2.0
  • Leadership Development
  • Fund raising
  • Advisory Board
  • Well-structured corporation
  • Focused team growth
  • Improved sales metrics 
  • Investor worthy pitch
  • Improved product or services 
  • Upgraded balance sheet
  • Amended annual planning 
  • Actionable goals for scale & growth
  • Well-formed advisory board
  • Elevated profit performance
Investor ready Business plan
Funding access
Tech credits & benefits
Community support

Hours of

To help you frame unique solutions to refine your business models

Hours of Hands
on work

To help you accelerate the business more better results & outcomes.

Concepts & Frameworks

To accelerate your business idea & graph for 10x growth

Ideas of

To focus on every idea & bring results & solutions.

What we
Look for

A success is defied by mindset and your outlook on life.

Willing to improvise

Who is ready willing and eager to help for a betterment of business outcome


Ability to overcome problems or to make do with what is available to create a solution.

Risk taker

Who is willing to tough decisions while uncertainty & achieve a goal

What will it
Take to apply

A opening move & series of actions to start the journey of success.

STEP 1Fit to Fly

Founders are advised to fill the application in the given time period. There are usually several applicants who apply for the program, so we take into consideration how long it took them to complete their application.

STEP 2One on One

Monthly twice a date is released for one on one with sector specific investors. If you are selected, our team member will reach you to provide the necessary details. The applicant is advised to keep a regular check on emails.

STEP 3Video call

You will get a call from our team member for guidelines & instructions to follow from here. You are advised to stay active in the process for a quick results.

What will be
Your investment

We are sure as a founder you will agree to this, that investments made today are always for a better tomorrow.
Per idea
  • Per idea refers to, irrespective of ‘n’ number of founders
  • The program will be online mode
  • Portal will be provided to connect & network
  • Access to funding & tech credits

Asked questions?

We have tried to answer all the questions which can come your way related to this program. But if you do not find any. You can share your details with us and we will get back to you soon.
How important it is for me to take up this program ?

if your Idea is tested and approved. Strategies are tested and results look promising, but worried about growth, growth that is 10X.  Well, we offer proven principles and methods from our robust panelists who have walked the talk. We bring to you a time tested formula for scale.

What can i expect from this program ?

The program will bring well-structured corporation, improve sales metrics, Investor worthy pitch, Improve product or services, amended annual planning, actionable goals for scale & growth, elevated profit performance.

How is the program structured?

A blended program designed by 20+ years of cumulative experience mentors, caches, entrepreneurs, incubators & investors. The coaches have been on the board for many startups, invested in many & a serial entrepreneur. 

The program is structured with real-time concepts, frameworks & experience, Pitching Presentations, feedbacks & course correction. The structure is built & designed based on actual journey’s of entrepreneurs incubated with us since 2005 who began from 0-1 crore, 1 to 30 crore & above. The structure helps founders to practically execute in a controlled environment which prepares well when they step in the real business environment.

How is this program different ?

Our experience is the advantage for the founders. Because “Life’s greatest lessons can usually be learnt from the worst mistakes”.

The program also encourage founders to pitch to investors, engage in community of like minded entrepreneurs, gets access to related events etc. The program’s sole intention is to strengthen the founder with Attitude, Skills & Knowledge to scale at greater heights. 

How does funding work ?

During the program the founders will be given practise sessions of pitching to investors, also will be engaged with round table discussions with investors to understand the nuances of the market.

And, at the end the program the founders will be put in front of sector specific seed / angel investors to pitch the idea.

How is program scheduled ?

The program is scheduled on weekends for 3 hours, a day, so that the founders can spend time (which is the major key to sustain the business) in tasks assigned to develop the business model on weekdays.

What happens if i miss any scheduled discussion ?

Based on our past experience, we recommend founders to not miss a single scheduled discussion to see the expected outcome. Still in case if you miss, you will get the recorded video for a limited time period.

Who are the coaches ?

Our coaches comprises of entrepreneurs, business catalyst, incubators, sector specialist, investors & accelerators. We choose our coaches based on how you choose your idea after a deep research & filtering.

What's next after this program ?

Post the completion of the program either of the two things will take place

  1. You will be funded and put in the growth cycle.
  2. Or, you can get in to market and start doing business.

Because now, you are all set to create a mark in the ecosystem with the learnings you have received in the program.


Share your
Details with us?

If you are left with no questions, then you can submit your application by completing your application or fill the details to get a response from us within 2-3 business days.
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