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Essentials of Budding Entrepreneurs

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Essentials of
Budding Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneurial education program for middle and high school students. Studies have shown that the learnings gained in the ages between 12 and 15 years permanently get imbibed in the child’s personality. Our objective is to help children inculcate crucial life skills at a very young age by introducing subjects such as financial management, public speaking, personality development, and analytical thinking.

The program creates awareness and helps children discover where their passion lies. At the same time, we wish to help retain the carefreeness and innocence of childhood, and therefore offer the child a world of fun, where learning is via doing, through activities like gaming. It is an integrated programme enabling students to hone a variety of subject and soft skills.

Our Pedagogy

We facilitate active knowledge construction in students through discussions, activities, research, experience and creation of self-awareness. This stimulates the development of varied personal and professional skills valuable for life. The consistent success of our children inside and outside the classroom is a testimony to the efficacy of our approach.

Compass Technique

Our integrative teaching methodology combines the best features of the experiential and differentiated teaching models. Students learn through active participation in exercises and projects that nurture a natural self-discovery process. Our Formative (FA) and Summative (SA) assessment approach ensures continuous student improvement and development.
Piggy Bank to Money Plant
  • We believe that imparting financial education to students when they are at an impressionable age inculcates sound financial habits for life. Our money management module familiarises students with basics of finance v/s income = saving, spending and budgeting, followed by an introduction to the concepts of banking, interest, loans, taxes, investment and insurance.
DAB to Brand Management
  • Today. Marketing and advertising have a pervasive presence in the lives of consumers including children. Our Marketing module introduces students to the 4 Ps of Marketing, product, price, place, promotion. We then go onto introducing new-age marketing concepts such as e-retailing and social media which helps them to understand what's around them.
Friendship to People Management
  • We acquaint students with the significance of people management in an organisation, focusing on the main functions of recruitment, selection, training, and the role of incentives and rewards. The modules are designed in a specific way to facilitate practical learning, unlike the theoretical classroom-based modules. It will bring the essence of working in a team, understanding the behaviour of the person. How to handle team.
Head Boy to Business Leader
  • Our Money, Marketing & People Management Modules are ultimately meant to open up the minds of students to the joy of entrepreneurship at the time of their lives when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities. We familiarise them with the concept of starting up and organise sessions with entrepreneurs giving them practical insights into establishing and running a business.


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